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Mikaela Gerwing

I am a wildlife conservation biologist and a PhD. student at Concordia University, Montreal.

I was born and raised just outside of Calgary, Canada, where I lived for the first 15 years of my life. An avid performer, I moved to Idyllwild, California to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy to study Musical Theatre. After graduating, I moved to Chicago, Illinois to continue my theatre training at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. Despite my passion for the stage, I felt something was missing and ventured out on a gap year to volunteer around the world. It was in this time of change that I found wildlife conservation and my path changed forever. I transferred to the University of British Columbia where I graduated with a Bsc. in Natural Resources Conservation, Global Perspectives. I then spent two years in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, working as a conservation biologist and the volunteer coordinator at Taricaya Eco Reserve and Wildlife Rescue Centre. In 2021, I moved to New York City for a year, where I recieved my Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management, summa cum laude, from Columbia University. In fall of 2022, I began my journey at Concordia University to pursue my PhD in Primatology under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Turner. My research focus is threefold: the rehabilitation and reintroduction of bearded capuchin monkeys in the Brazilian Caatinga; human-wildlife coexistence in the area of release; and the effectiveness and ethical integrity of wildlife rescue centres in the areas of animal welfare, human welfare and conservation.

Throughout my career, I have worked and volunteered in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation on four continents with countless animals and dream to one day open and operate a nonprofit wildlife rescue center. I am passionate about wildlife conservation and reintroduction, community development and animal welfare, with a particular affinity towards primates, elephants and bears.

This website is a look into my life and work as a wildlife conservation biologist in an ever-changing world.

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